Central Petroleum Transport is an independent-for-hire carrier. A dependable resource for those who need a reliable and safe carrier. We have extensive logistics experience, highly-skilled drivers, and the best equipment to meet all of your delivery requirements. Each product transported requires a specialized trailer and personnel with the experience and skills necessary for safe and efficient transportation. 


We have a variety of equipment designed to transport different types and concentrations of chemicals, acids, and caustics. Tanks include center unloading units, stainless steel units, insulated and non-insulated units, with single and dual compartments. Capacities are around 7000 gallons.


CPT can haul odorized and non-odorized propane, polypropylene mixes, butane, butylene mixes, butadiene asphalt, lube oils, fuel oils, transformer oil, diesel fuel, jet fuel, solvents, light straight run, condensate, natural gasoline, pentanes, hexanes, etc. We will haul local or long distance with hot or cold product.

Anhydrous Ammonia

We are currently hauling Anhydrous Ammonia throughout the Midwest with dedicated MC 331 quenched and tempered (QT) trailers. The QT trailers are suitable for hauling Anhydrous Ammonia if it has been inhibited by the addition of water (0.2% by weight).

Methanol, Acetone, Toluene, Xylene

Large capacity, lightweight aluminum trailers are used for these products to get the maximum load. Our fleet also consists of multi compartment aluminum trailers.

Dry Bulk

Our dry bulk fleet consists of hopper bottom trailers, capable of hauling various materials in our state of the art equipment across America’s Heartland. Partnered with our transloading facility, Floyd Valley Transloading, we are able to exceed the needs of our customers. 
This list is rapidly expanding. If you do not see the product you would like transported on here, please contact us.